Grand Opening. English Bulldog Puppies For Sale - Training Center For Bulldog Veterans

Grand Opening. English Bulldog Puppies For Sale - Training Center For Bulldog Veterans
We Bring Peace And Love To The World. Our Puppies Come With Puppy-Pack Each, Valid AKC Papers, Colas & Leashes, Small Crate, Our Expertise For Any Training Problems etc For The Life Of The Puppy From Us

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Check and see testimonies from recent buyers & our clients

Check and see testimonies from recent buyers & our clients
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English bulldog pup for Adoptions

Harry Bulldogshome

English bulldog pup for Adoptions?
Contact: +1 (862) 243-8086
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English bulldog.He is almost 3 months old, they are wrinkles and so adorable. Our puppies are calm, playful, friendly with kids and other pets. We would love to find families that are willing to give them lots of unconditional love and will get the same from them.


AKC English Bulldog Puppies For Sale Available

Harry Bulldogshome

AKC English bulldog puppies for sale.(862) 243-8086
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Harry Bulldogshome

"They Show Prospects Females and Males!" This Incredible Bullies Enjoyes an Extreme Overcome and Gives a Big Face to a Big Bite! English Bulldog puppy of unmatched quality, health, temperament and pedigree! 1 year Health Guarantee, AKC Unlimited Registration  

Harry Bulldogs Kennel

Harry Bulldogshome

If you are looking for a quality English Bulldog puppy , you have come to the right place. Marry Kennels are breeders of quality AKC English Bulldog puppies meet the highest English Bulldog standards. We are passionate about our puppies and we breed with a commitment to conformation, temperament and health. MarryBullies Kennels is licensed and inspected by the US Department of Agriculture.
"They are conformation, massive bone structure, and incredible screaming."

Our English Bulldog Puppies

Harry Bulldogshome

      We fell in love with this unbelievable breed in 1999 when we 
bought our first bulldog. We wanted to know more 
about our family. So we researched the 
breed to learn all we could. After doing this we have a 
mission to find the "best bulldog." We wanted a bulldog that 
would be show quality. We realized how hard it was 
that we were "show quality." We finally found 
Zoe and she was the start of our foundation. Soon after we got 
her we started training for the show ring. Not long after 
our breeding program. 
We live to better the breed. We breed for conformation, 
temperament and health. All of our bulldogs are excellent
examples of these qualities. We are in the process of growing up to supply 
our own, but we have a number of 
We do not want to show our show bulldogs 
where they will be shown. Please feel free to contact us 
any questions about any of our bulldogs. We offer Champion 
English bulldog stud to approved females and 
champion sired bulldog studs. Visit our Studs page to view 
the bulldogs at stud we have available. 
Thanks for stopping by. 

Member of the Bulldog Club of America

Welcome To Harry Bulldogshome

jeoseph palma

Welcome to Harry Bulldogs 
We have been selective when searching for our own Bulldogs from reputable breeders who also focus on the betterment of the breed; both our males and our females have some of the top 
bloodlines from around the world. Our English Bulldogs are our passion, their 
health and well being is our utmost priority, with our goal to breed exceptional 
quality loving healthy Bulldogs to the Bulldog Standard. 

Home Raised English Bulldog Puppies for Adoption - Home
Healthy and home raised, potty trained English bulldog pups. Well trained and they do have all got their documents and health papers and are ready now for ...
Our planned breeding is well thought out in advance with the goal of producing our next show hopeful; we do occasionally have both show prospect and pet puppies available to 
approved homes. We keep back some of our show hopeful puppies for us to 
watch as they mature before making our final decision on our next show 
prospect; therefore on occasion we have some of our older show 
hopeful puppies available to loving homes. 

There are many benefits to welcoming an older English Bulldog puppy to your family. Depending on their age most older puppies have already gone through their puppy teething phase; 
they are fully vaccinated and doing very well on housebreaking or they are 
already housebroken. We care very much about our English Bulldogs 
and like to stay in contact > with the families of our puppies.

Our dogs live INSIDE our home, sleep with us, and are very spoiled and loved.They go on daily hikes with either my husband or myself, they go camping with us, on our boat and
on almost all outings we have a bully with us. In our town we are known as the
"bulldog family". We are not a traditional breeder with numerous dogs that
are breeders first and pets secondary.

Our vet can tell you about our breeding practices and how we ALWAYS put
the girls health first before breeding is considered.The older females will sometimes
retire to a home approved by us that will have them spayed and give them the one on one
an older dog requires. We have a waiting list for our house trained kid friendly, loving retirees.

We never have more than a few dogs at a time.
We never kennel them and therefore can only keep a few to maintain t
his quality lifestyle for them. If this sounds like the home you'd like to buy a
 puppy from give us a call to learn more about us! We would like to Thank all of
our friends and mentors in the Bulldog world for all of their help, advice, continued
support and treasure the wonderful friendships made.We have spent many hours over the years researching the Bulldog breed,helping with and learning how to raise these wonderful dogs.

English Bulldogs have been a part of our family for several years; even before
we had our first beautiful litter. It is not easy raising Bulldogs and the task should not
be taken lightly; it takes a lot of dedication, devotion and respect for the breed to raise a healthy
litter of English Bulldog puppies.

''Modecai Siegel-

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a- relative! "

English Bulldog puppies are not an easy breed to raise. English Bulldog puppies are born via C-section and must receive around the clock care for the first three weeks of life. Our English Bulldog puppies are often bottle fed since some mothers have no milk. The Mommas of English Bulldog puppies will often lay on their puppies while nursing so they have to be watched carefully at all times. If provided with the proper food, medical care, and vaccinations up until 8 weeks old, the English Bulldog breeder invests a lot of time and money in the litter. If you add the cost of stud service, shipping the semen, etc. it gets quite expensive. If you want healthy well bred English Bulldog puppies , properly socialized, and given vaccines on scheduled intervals, then do NOT try to find the cheapest puppies possible. You may end up spending more on vet bills than you paid for the English Bulldog puppies .

You may say, "I only want a pet," or "I don't need papers" or "It doesn't matter where I get an English Bulldog puppy as long as it is in my price range." Many people have made this mistake only to regret it later on. Reputable English Bulldog breeders are breeding for betterment of the breed not to make a profit selling as many English Bulldog puppies as possible. Yes, it does matter who the parents are. Where do you think your puppy gets looks, temperament and health? Look at the parents... if you don't like them chances are you won't like the puppy when its grown. Indiscriminate English Bulldog breeding produces health and temperament problems. You think the breeder doesn't matter? Who do you think plans the breeding , cares for the pups, provides food and medical care?


"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face!"-  
''Ben Williams''-

If you choose an English Bulldog puppy breeder that has only one motivation - MONEY - he or she is going to buy the cheapest  English Bulldog puppies they can find to breed , regardless of family history of health or temperament problems or how good they look according to the English Bulldog breed standard. Most don't know or care of the family history behind the dogs they are breeding , nor do they know or understand the English Bulldog breed standard. They are going to cut corners on food and health care, and one of the most important things of all - LOVE. English Bulldog puppies that are ignored, and not played with, or socialized, do not make the best pets…not to mention the potential problems if raised in a filthy environment. English Bulldog breeder experience is invaluable to you after you buy an English Bulldog puppy . Choose your English Bulldog puppies and breeder wisely. 

Imported English Bulldog Puppies

If you are thinking of purchasing an English Bulldog puppy from a breeder that imports English Bulldog puppies for resale PLEASE RECONSIDER! These breeders are the worst places to get an English Bulldog puppy next to a pet store. Pet stores buy from U.S. and foreign " puppy mills." The English Bulldog puppies these breeders import for resale are raised in foreign puppy mills and shipped here to U.S. breeders for resale. So how do you tell if they are imported? Most say their puppies are imported on their website, however, some do not. Some signs to help you determine if a breeder imports foreign puppies include:  they claim imported dogs are healthier than U.S bred dogs
they knock American breeders they claim they own champions or dogs in a foreign country the pup's registration is from a foreign registry not the American Kennel Club. Ask if the pups will com with AKC registration papers or parents pictures. If they cannot show you pictures on the pups parents, run the other way - FAST!

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