Our Available Adult English Bulldogs

From time to time we also have retired adult bulldogs available to approved homes. For more information or to be added to the adoption waiting list, please first fill out the adoption questionnaire/application. Here is the link: [Bulldog Adoption Application]
                     James P

                        Anita White

A note on why we occasionally place our adult bulldogs…….
A responsible and reputable bulldog breeder abides by so many more standards and rules than families who own just one or two pets. Good breeders are always striving to improve upon the breed. Inevitably the breeding process requires having puppies that are for the most part placed in pet homes when they reach 9 to 10 weeks of age. However, Bulldog breeders will keep the very best ones that seem to have the qualities that most resemble the ideal Bulldog. The idea is to use these dogs to breed the next generation so that the best qualities continue to live on. Some will be show quality and go on to win Championships. With each generation the number of top quality dogs increases. At some point a breeder will just have too many dogs to care for and to continue to keep for breeding purposes.

Every responsible breeder understands how many dogs they can take good care of without taking time and attention away from the other dogs. If the breeder has just a small facility with only 1 or 2 family members taking care of the dogs, they must maintain a small number as every bulldog needs love and companionship. They can’t be just left in a crate by themselves. They need to be loved, socialized, allowed to be active and have plenty of exercise everyday in order to thrive. All our Bulldogs are special and we love every one of them, but love alone isn’t enough when there are only a couple of caregivers. No matter how hard you try there is only so much time you can spend with each dog every day.

At some point a breeder who loves their dogs comes to realize when a dog has “done their job”, either by being shown, producing offspring or both, and understands when the time has come to retire them. This dog now deserves the love and attention that a single-dog family can provide. They have been loyal and hard working during the first phase of their life and now it is time to have their owner’s full devotion and a life filled with fun! What this means is that one of our adult Bulldogs will be placed in a home to spend many happy years enjoying the rest of their life.

Good loving breeders must come to the decision to place an adult bulldog for the well being of their dog. This is certainly not an “unwanted dog” but instead a much-loved top quality dog that now deserves to relax and enjoy life. The breeder kept this dog because they represented the best in the breed so anyone adopting this dog is getting a Champion or very close to one. This will be a beautiful dog that you can love and be proud of for many years to come.

                            Daddy Mike

Laticia B

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